painting mural photo.jpg

    I always strive to represent the world around me with as much honesty as it presents. Nature is a brutal and lovely thing that impacts us all constantly; shaping us into who we are.
    Being a creative individual in all aspects of my life, I have always been drawn to a visual narrative to capture the voice of Nature around me. Utilizing my artistic talents I produce a conceptual representation of the delicate voice I hear from Nature, expressing it to the world through paint on canvas, photography, and many other materials.
Using colour and contrast I bring to life the innate voice I interpret from Nature. Attempting to give voice to the impressions I receive from my interactions with her.
These moments are what comprise us of who we are; be it the exterior influences upon our soul or the way in which we interpret them, these expressions here are all vitally important to me.

     Graduating from OCAD U in 2012 I spent some wonderful years working professionally & commercially in Toronto, Ont. While I loved the hustling city life I would always find myself drawn back to my home town of Collingwood and surrounding area. Now as an artist residing in Clarksburg, ON I am immersed in the world of Nature constantly. My family has resided in this area for generations and I have loved watching it change as I've grown within it myself. The diverse municipality it has become is a testament to the symbiotic relationship we all have with Nature and the greatness it can inspire within.