I have always strived to represent the world around me with as much honesty as it presents to us. It is a brutal and lovely thing that impacts us constantly; shaping us to it all while revealing its infinite secrets. 

    Graduating from OCAD U with a BFA in 2012 I spent some wonderful years working professionally & commercially in Toronto, Ont. While I loved the hustling city life I would always find myself drawn back to my home town of Collingwood and the beautiful habitat it created. When opportunity presented to move back home I jumped at the chance and now call the lovely town of Clarksburg, Ont. my home. As an artist residing in Simcoe/Grey county I am immersed in the world of nature on a constant. My family has resided in this area for generations and I have loved watching it change as I've grown within it myself. The diverse municipality it has become is an ever striving success and testament to the alluring relationship we all have with nature around us. 

     A creative individual in all aspects of my life, I have always been drawn to the visual narrative to showcase the world around me. While utilizing my natural artistic talents and everything I’ve learned in my formal education and working life, I attempt to capture but a fleeting moment and express it to the world. These moments are what comprise us of who we are; be it the exterior influences upon our soul or the way in which we interpret them, these expressions here are all vitally important to me. Composing myself here so others may have a true regard for the world I interpret around me.

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