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Come to another beginning

A new beginning, again. What a path to come to once more. After working myself along another path of great accomplishments I have come to the end of it and am looking down this familiar road again with new eyes. Holding all the experiences and knowledge of my past within me, I see new opportunities that would have been missed before, obstacles that would have crumbled my will; all illuminated by a guiding light I brightly project myself.

The letting go of this past has been a hard acceptance for me. I thought it was something I was always going to have, an existence I had envisioned my future through and felt secure in looking at. My last attempts to hold it to me proved to be a manifestation of my fear more than an honest look at an opportunistic future. Clinging to some sort of security it provided me without noticing the accompanying ties it weaved. It is amazing how tightly we will hold to something that no longer serves us simply because it is familiar. Ignoring our inner intuition because we are afraid, allowing our fear and self doubt to take the wheel. After taking some much needed time to allow me to move out of this space mentally truly allowed me to see the light of my future path. That must be what I'm trying to say here, take some time to make a big decision. Allow yourself to be positioned to the self you wish to be before you ultimately make this decision. Personify the person you wish to become and make your decisions from that point of view. Making your choices from the confusing and misleading place of fear will only cause you to grow in that direction, not the one you hope for.

So as I sit here enveloped in my new hope for the future, I pray I remember to hold this strength within me. When I have moments of doubt and things don't quite work out, remember this person here who I hope to become, pull myself back to her, and take another step again as her; because that is the only way I can become all that I intend to be.

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